Why Keep Smoking?

“To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did; I ought to know because I have done it a thousand times.” — Mark Twain

You’ve got reasons to smoke.

Some reasons may be better than others, or more appealing, but you’ve got reasons . . .

Weight Gain

“All Right! You quit smoking! Good for you and your lungs! That’s the way to be! . . . Why Keep Smoking?Say, I can’t help noticing that you’re getting a tad pudgy there . . . Man, but you’re packing it on! . . . You know, I hate to tell you this, but you must have gained over thirty pounds over the last few months. You should exercise. . . . Have you seen the statistics on obesity and heart disease?”

The Mr. Hyde Syndrome

It’s been a week. Not . . . one . . . puff. You’re so irritable you make wolverines look placid. Small children run screaming at your approach. Your family, so supportive a week ago, has gone into hiding. Your coworkers have launched a union grievance insisting you light up again. And you know, you just know, that one little smoke will return you to your normal self . . .

The Urge

There’s no way to get around it—the temptation’s just too strong. Smoking’s got you at a physical and psychological level. This is simply not a habit you can kick without untold grief and aggravation. You know because, like Twain, you’ve already tried . . .

I Like It!

Fair enough!

All humor aside, all the reasons given above are powerful motivations, and if you truly want to stop smoking, you’ll have to deal with the reasons for not quitting. You must believe that not smoking outweighs all the reasons to continue, or you’re not in the right frame of mind to stop. This is a tough decision, and if you’re having trouble deciding, a few options can help. You can seek out support groups for smokers, or try a more individual program, such as self-hypnosis or meditation, to help clear your mind enough to make the choice.