Varieties of Depression

No two people experience depression in quite the same way. For some, depression is what we expect it to be—an overwhelming feeling of misery and hopelessness. For many more, however, the key symptoms are anger, irritability and fatigue. Depression itself takes many different forms. Here are some of the more common ones: Clinical Depression Clinical… Read More »

What Causes Depression?

The question of what causes depression has no simple answers. All that is known for certain is that depression is the leading reason people seek mental health care. A clear connection exists between depression and biochemical imbalances in the brain. It’s less clear whether external factors (stress, grief, or postpartum depression, for example) cause the… Read More »

What is Clinical Depression?

In the normal course of life, everyone has times when they feel somewhat less than happy and optimistic. Although many people attribute their feelings of sadness or lethargy to the onset of depression, it’s important to understand that medical professionals have specific indicators that they use to make a diagnosis of clinical depression. When you… Read More »

What are some causes of depression?

For many years, mental health professional have researched the causes of depression and its effects on people’s health. Why did some people have the ability to bounce back from life’s problems, while others spent weeks or months hidden under the covers, unable to work, eat, or talk to anyone? If everybody faces hard times, why… Read More »