Facts About Depression

By | 14.10.2018

Which depression treatment is the most effective?

Many effective depression treatment options are available. Depression help and treatment options should always be discussed with your doctor. Often, professionals recommend treatment that combines therapy and medication.

Can’t you get addicted to the medication used to control depression?

The new depression medications provide help for the patient without the many adverse side effects of older types of depression help. While any drug may have side effects, the new medications are very safe, and non-addictive. If you have any concerns, discuss the side effects with your doctor.

Is depression common among children?

While depression was once considered a disease of teenagers and adults, young children can certainly suffer from depression. Lethargy, constant boredom and irritability are some of the signs of depression in children.

Is irritability really one of the signs of depression?

Irritability is seen as one of the more common signs in young children and adolescents. It has recently been recognized as one of the signs of depression in adults. Patients who did not previously exhibit regular irritability may require help for depression.

Is St. John’s Wort an effective depression treatment?

Alternative health care communities have touted St. John’s Wort as an effective depression treatment. In Germany, it has been prescribed for years to treat moderate depression. The key word here is moderate. In severe cases of depression, St. John’s Wort has no effect, and if combined with pharmaceutical medications, instead of helping depression, it can actually make the depression worse.

How likely are depressed people to commit suicide?

Statistics vary, but it’s speculated that 80% of people who attempt suicide are clinically depressed. Any threats of suicide—even those that sound like jokes—should be treated seriously. The incidence of suicide rises between the ages of 15 and 25. Treatment of depressed teens should always address this possibility.