Feel Better: Quit Smoking

“Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.” — Fletcher Knebel

Fletcher was right. Most smokers have at least one well-meaning soul lurking in the shadows (a suitable distance from that naughty secondhand smoke) who has all the available National Cancer Institute statistics on lung cancer, emphysema, and the evils of tobacco. Pull out a lighter and he or she’s all over you, informing you of the latest government study proving that smoking leads to a whole bunch of things you already know.Feel Better: Quit Smoking

Smoking bad! Bad Smoker! Bad! Sometimes you’re vaguely surprised that they don’t swat your nose with a rolled up statistical sheet.

That kind of thinking is not allowed at this site.

Surprised? Don’t be. This is a site for smokers who want to quit, not a self-gratifying locale for the nonsmoking. After all, it’s not like smokers are cut off from popular culture. You’ve read the paper. You watch TV. You know that anyone who tells you you’ll feel better after a few days of quitting cold turkey is an idiot or a liar—you’ve already tried that approach.

It didn’t work. You know all about lung cancer, nicotine, and additives. You also know about weight gain, irritability, cravings, and all those other lovely side effects of quitting. Funny how they rarely get mentioned in the statistics, huh?

But when all comes to all, you want to quit. Friends haven’t made you want to. Statistics certainly haven’t. But if you’ve found this site, presumably you want to stop smoking. Your reasons are your own. So is the struggle to quit, really. (If you are a nonsmoker hoping to find a way to get a friend to quit, well, you’re welcome too. Just remember whose fight this is!)